C-Scape, a leading provider of software for LED Displays, specializes in delivering solutions tailored to our clients needs and business requirements. Our standard software can be used for the most traditional display applications -- but can be customized to meet most specialized business requirements.


Character Based Displays

Character Displays:

Character Displays are limited to the display of Alpha-Numeric Text often in a single font and limited colors. However, C-Scape offers robust and powerful display software for these type displays suiteable for a wide range of applications including: General Messages, Trading/Financial Floors, Call Centers, Sports Displays, Emergency Operations Centers, etc.

Ticker Displays

Ticker Displays:

C-Scape offers the most advanced LED Ticker Software available today supporting just about every ticker type from a wide selection of LED Ticker Manufacturers. C-Scape supports Monochrome, Tri-Color and Full Color LED Tickers as well as Horizontal and Vertical LED Tickers for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Full Matrix Displays

Full Matrix Displays:

Full Matrix Displays are designed to allow individual dots or pixels to be controlled allowing for the display of graphics and use of a wide variety of fonts. C-Scape's full matrix display software is optimized for use with low resolution full matrix displays, but is equally capable of driving high resolution displays such as LCD/Plasma monitors.



iCandy is a service of C-Scape that delivers Sports Scores, Sports Odds, Financial Data, News and Weather to LED Tickers, Full Matrix Displays and Character Based Displays.

Legacy Products

Legacy Applications:

Legacy applications that are still supported but are no longer being enhanced.