Real Time Sports Ticker Service for Poker Rooms

Annual Service of $2,400.00 includes content feed and use of display

About the Display

  • 6' 3" Wide
  • 6" High
  • 2.5" Deep
  • 5mm (0.20 inch) Pixel Spacing
  • LED Matrix of 375x24 Pixels
  • Output Brightness 1,300 nits or better
  • Full-Color Palette
  • Gamma Color Correction
  • Provides over 100-feet viewing distance
  • Moving Background Image for Branding
  • Adjustable Travel Speed and Brightness
  • Choice of Wall, Ceiling or Table Top mount
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • (With Pride!)


Sports, Financial, News and More

Real Time Sports Scores

  • Real Time Sports Scores (BIG Six & Soccer)
  • Scoring Updates - Ticker is interrupted to show Live Scoring Updates
  • Scoring Plays - Who scored and how (Pro Football, Baseball & Hockey)
  • Vegas Odds
  • Injury Reports
  • League Leaders

 Financial Data

  • Gainers, Decliners, Actives - NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
  • Custom Stocks - NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
  • Dow and Nasdaq Indices
    Financial Data is delayed 15/20 minutes based upon exchange

 News and Social Media

  • News Headlines (Sports, Financial, World, US, ...)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Twitter Feeds (Timelines, Searches, RT's, ...)
  • Custom Messages



Fast, Accurate, Reliable

About Our Sports Feed

  • C-Scape data is licensed from three real time Sports Content Providers for robustness and a wider breadth of content
  • Sports Scores are not delayed -- Scoring updates received by our servers are immediately pushed to your display -- not when the current 'content loop' has been completed and the matchup loops around again
  • iCandy features Scoring Plays for professional Football, Baseball and Hockey providing real time notification of who scored and how
  • Redundancy - C-Scape maintains multiple servers in geographically diverse locations and subscribes to multiple Sports Data Providers; If a server or scores feed goes down, we don't!



How Do I Signup?

  • Submit a signed service agreement along with payment
  • C-Scape ships an LED Display with the mounting option of your choice
  • You install the sign (Mount it, plug it in, connect it to your network)
  • C-Scape installs the the software via a remote support session on a Microsoft Windows PC (real or virtual)
  • Your clients enjoy a real time sports ticker
  • 12-Months later, renew the service and your clients continue to enjoy the service -- To cancel, just return the LED Display back to C-Scape



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  • Longer, curved, outdoor, custom, etc... No matter what type of Sports Ticker you want, we work with the leading sign manufacturers and can recommend those that would best fit your budget, location, timeframe and business requirements.