Providing custom software solutions since 1991, C-Scape specializes in the development of all aspects of real time software solutions including Device Drivers, Embedded Applications, and User Level Applications.


Embedded Systems Development

C-Scape develops both "applications" and operating systems for embedded systems working with a wide range of Architectures, both common (e.g. 6502, 808x, 8051/Z80, 68000, ARM7, ARM9) and uncommon (e.g. i860, TMS32000, TI 6200 Series, Locosto).  Coding is typically done in Assembly, C, or C++ depending upon project requirements.

 Authorized Member of TI DSP Developer Network    Authorized Member of ARM Connected Developer Network

Device Driver Development

C-Scape develops both User Level and Operating System Level Device Drivers.

We have developed Operating System Level Device Drivers for a wide range of platforms including...

  • Microsoft WindowsTM
  • UnixTM / LinuxTM
  • OS/2
  • Intel RMX (iRMXTM)
  • uClinux
  • busybox

And, for a wide range of hardware...

  • Communication Cards
    • Serial (Async/Sync)
    • Network (Ethernet, Token Ring)
    • Telephony
  • Large Scale Electronic Displays
    • Wallboards
    • Tickers
    • Full Matrix
  • Single Board Computers (SBC)
    • BeagleBone Black
    • Technologic Systems ARM Boards
    • Proprietary ARM Boards
  • Biometric Devices
  • Bluetooth / BLE
  • Disk Controllers (IDE, SCSI, etc)
  • E-Ink Controllers
  • Encryption/Decryption devices
  • i2c Devices
  • Network Adapters
  • PCI Chipsets
  • PC/TV Cards
  • USB Chipsets
  • VGA Cards
  • Video Framebuffers
  • Watchdog Timer Cards


iOS Applications for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc

C-Scape develops custom iOS applications utilizing:
  • iOS SDK
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa
  • Xcode
  • Interface Builder


Financial Feed Handlers

C-Scape has developed a wide range of applications for the Financial and Trading Community including:
  • DDE Servers
  • Fixed Income, Options and Futures Analysis Packages
  • Index Calculators
  • Market Feed Handlers (e.g. eSignal, Thomson, Reuters (SFC, RFA, SSL), Bloomberg, etc)
  • Middleware (e.g. TIB)
  • Quote Servers
  • System Event Loggers
  • Ticker Plants
  • Wallboard Display Drivers


Network Programming: TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast

Aside from developing client/server applications, C-Scape has developed:
  • TCP/IP Stacks for standard and custom operating systems
  • Stream Based Protocol on top of IP Multicast Protocol
  • Applications using NetBios, UDP, and TCP/IP